Our comprehensive services
        Since its startup in 2013, Hensim has been providing Mold making (precision injection mold), Injection molding, Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and High Consistency Rubber (HCR), Soft goods, and associated secondary and Assembly services.
        • Mold making
        • Plastic injection molding
        • Liquid injection molding (LIM)
        • Compression Molding
        • Soft Goods
        • Assembly services
        Mold making
        Our fully equipped tool room features CNC machines, EDM, etc.,?and CAD/CAM software, enabling us to create complex molds with efficiency and speed. We minimize lead time, reduce?costs, and improve design for manufacturability by utilizing modern software simulations, optimization tools, and outside partners. Constant and ongoing equipment investment allow us to take advantage of the latest technologies.
        Plastic injection molding
        With more than 10 years of experience in various industries, we offer an extremely solid foundation for successful production solutions. Within our operations, all production processes are seamlessly coordinated, allowing us to provide a high-quality plastic injection molding process in a cost-effective manner.
        Liquid injection molding (LIM)
        Liquid injection molding (LIM), or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, uses highly viscous liquid in two parts that are blended with a platinum catalyst to accelerate cure times. LIM or LSR molding is perfect for high-volume manufacturing because of the quicker cure rate, and since it is a closed molding method, uncured raw material is never in contact with workers. This technique is ideal for high-purity applications. ?At Hensim, we elevate the LIM/LSR molding process to a higher level, delivering superior quality silicone rubber products to our customers.
        Compression Molding
        Compression molding is a molding process that uses compressive force to squeeze a charge to conform to the shape of a mold that consists of a lower and upper half. Parts may consist of several components that work as one mechanism when compression is applied. When the halves of the mold meet, a cavity is left between them that defines the desired shape. Parts meet at the widest cross-section of the shape to facilitate the ejection of the product once it is cured.
        Soft Goods

        "Soft goods" is an industry term we use to refer to the parts of a product that are constructed from conformable materials such as textiles, foams, and rubbers.?

        Soft goods make excellent design materials because they are versatile, functional, comfortable, visually appealing, and sometimes more sustainable than other types of materials. New fiber qualities, coatings, and construction processes provide soft products with an extensive range of properties and abilities?that designers could apply to increase performance and comfort.

        Assembly services
        Our company doesn’t just cover plastic injection molding and silicone rubbers. We’re fully capable of realizing your product from concept to completion at our facility. Our dedicated assembly department has the experience, equipment, and knowledge to handle a variety of finishing tasks. When you have to spend time hunting down resources for every component of your production cycle from part manufacture to assembly, you can end up setting back your timeline. Organizing all of those separate resources into a cohesive whole requires serious time and effort to pull together. Hensim is here to handle the challenges and headaches that go into assembly, packaging, and other secondary operations that may prevent your company from being able to give 100% to its core goals. We believe that by giving you back the time to focus on your core competencies, you have the opportunity to better develop your products.
        Hensim at a Glance
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        Our Capabilities & Services
        Our vertical integration advantage is your advantage.
        Why choosing Hensim as your Partner
        Our Strength
        Vertically Integrated Manufacturing
        Hensim has adopted vertically integrated manufacturing solutions to ensure our customers receive value and ontime delivery. By managing the entire supply chain of each plastic part, our customers enjoy cost savings, maximized efficiency, and value along with consistency.
        100+ combined years of injection molding experience among our leadership team members.
        Flexibility and Responsiveness
        We take accountability for solutions 24/7 with fast answers and full customer access.
        Lean organization
        Flat hierarchy, Hensim leaderships are Owner/Operator/Founder of the business. Hensim works with OEMs of all sizes. From small start-up companies to large corporations.
        Mold Making with Expedited Time To Market
        Hensim can help you in getting your product to the market quickly and efficiently in order to gain a competitive edge. Our in-house tool room employs some of the most seasoned highly skilled journeymen available, which allows us in building some ofthe highest-quality molds available.
        Value Engineering
        Customer-oriented, focus on a co-design service that can help to cut costs and improve the feasibility of manufacturing. Aiding our customers through assisting with DFM and mold flow analysis.
        Delivering Excellence Through Rigorous Quality Control
        We work hand-in-hand with each customer to identify critical characteristics to help us develop and customize a quality control plan for each product and assembly.
        Product Portfolio
        Hensim is proud to be an global supplier of molding parts and sub-assemblies. Explore the vast product portfolio we made in the past.
        Mission & Vision
        Our DNA



        Young & Passionate


        Innovation and Quality

        Our Mission
        We aim to make you proud of the design ideas come true by providing highly innovative teams who are better in communication and high-quality service which simplify the development process and provide unmatched customer experiences.
        Our Vision
        To benefit product development at large through innovation, quality, productivity, speed, and various cost solutions and to generate sustained engineering, always striving for excellence.
        Bringing your ideas from concept to life
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