Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
        An efficient and economically viable process for producing pliable, impact-resistant, and temperature-resistant parts.
        Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
        An efficient and economically viable process for producing pliable, impact-resistant, and temperature-resistant parts.

        Liquid Silicone Rubber is a low viscosity and high purity thermoset elastomer maintaining mechanical properties over a wide range of temperatures (from -50°C to 250°C). This heat-cured elastomer provides excellent optical clarity, durability and design freedom. This innovative transparent material serves diverse applications such as medical, automotive, dairy, food processing, semiconductor and consumer products. Hensim designs and builds our tooling in-house to support this service.

        Liquid injection molding (LIM), or liquid silicone rubber (LSR) molding, uses highly viscous liquid in two parts that are blended with a platinum catalyst to accelerate cure times. LIM or LSR molding is perfect for high-volume manufacturing because of the quicker cure rate, and since it is a closed molding method, uncured raw material is never in contact with workers. This technique is ideal for high-purity applications.

        At Hensim, we elevate the LIM/LSR molding process to a higher level, delivering superior quality silicone rubber products to our customers.
        The Benefits Of Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR)
        • UV light resistance
        • Micro-crack resistance
        • Good electrical insulation property
        • Excellent resistance to weathering and aging
        • Enhanced part strength and structure
        • High flashpoint and advantageous fire behavior
        • High dimensional stability even under long-term load (sealing)
        • High bio-compatibility, odor and taste neutrality (medical use, baby care, etc.)
        • Design Freedom - Enhance options for part integration; Reduce weight in design
        • Extensive range of application from –50 to +250 °C (special types from –110 to +300 °C)
        • Optical Clarity - 94% transmission;<1% haze; Abbe number of approx. 50; Strong color stability
        • Productivity - Excellent processability for injection / compression moldability; Material waste may be minimized in the cold runner based LSR injection process

        The components Hensim aims to produce are the result of your and our designers' imagination plus the quest for innovative solutions of our toolmakers and process engineers.

        Many companies in the healthcare, automotive, electronics, and hardware industries already make use of LSR, and you could too.?


        Parts made of silicone elastomers are used in automobiles in large quantities and many varieties, primarily as cable support sleeves for all cable conduits through bodywork panels, but also as folding bellows and damping elements.

        Medical components

        Silicone is flexible and bio-compatible, therefore suitable for many applications in medical technology and bio science. The portfolio includes respiratory masks, sealing elements for blood filters, as well as prosthetic components and even artificial hearts. Thanks to their high heat resistance, silicone components can be sterilized.

        Household/lifestyle/Consumer Goods

        Thanks to its olfactory and taste neutrality, LSR is ideal for making consumer goods such as wearable devices, cookware, cosmetics applicators, brushes, Baby toys, feeding products and closures for drinking bottles. Due to their variable properties in many areas, e.g. electrically conductive or insulating, high heat resistance without loss of stability, silicone elastomer parts are an excellent solution for combined loads and functions.

        Optical parts

        Thanks to their excellent optical attributes and heat resistance, silicones are used in lens production and lighting technology.


        Cable insulators, Lightbulb shells and shades
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